The Founder.


Wrippy, founder of Withøut Døubt & creator of the 1of1's & commissions. My fashion journey started at 14–15 due to insecurities about being underweight, and me trying to find clothing to cover it up. I began with shoes and explored brands like Jordan, Nike, & Adidas. I discovered Virgil's story at Off-White & LV, shifting my focus to fashion. The excitement for fashion I have is reflected in everything I do for the brand. Being born in Atlanta and now living in the UK, my travels have shaped me. If you want something to take away from this remember, with hard work & self-belief, anything is possible.

The Start.

Withøut Døubt Origin

Withøut Døubt has undergone significant transformation over the past 2 years. From formally being called Wrippy Clothing to rebrands & new creative directions, change is nothing new. Similarly Wrippy, has faced adversity & change, starting Withøut Døubt during the pandemic to make money when jobs were scarce. With little direction, he learned through failures. "Trust the process" embodies our beliefs, aligning with the brand's journey & aesthetic.

The Audience.

Who is Withøut Døubt for?

Withøut Døubt: not just a brand but a lifestyle. For those who embrace themselves in any situation. Influenced by hip-hop, graffiti, & poetry—all misunderstood forms of self-expression We unite like-minded individuals unafraid of breaking norms, valuing authenticity, & living life Withøut Døubt.

The Destination.

Withøut Døubt Goals

We're aiming to create a brand that stands the test of time & evolves with the trends, the ups & the downs, to become a worldwide staple in fashion. We also want to create a platform that promotes the importance of positive mental health. We want to create more than just a brand; we want to venture out into film production, charity work, & the music industry. Ultimately, our vision & goal for this brand is to become a household name & create something timeless that consistently pushes out high-quality, unique pieces that inspire others to create as well.

  • Patchwork Drop.

    There’s more then one way to fix a broken heart - Preorder live 24th January❤️‍🩹.

  • MadeByWrippy.

    OneOfOne's available & more coming, link below

  • Commissions.

    Commissions officially open, link below

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